A little bit less than a year ago something personal happened to us that caused me great pain. Instead of feeling fiercely proud of my children, everything we’d accomplished in our home, and our completely remade (and HAPPY) life, I felt angry and discouraged. I didn’t want to share about our daily life anymore and my blog became a place to post my reviews and join in random memes to help keep the blog alive. Well, I’m ready to give things another go. This is MY life, and I am happy. My kids are happy. My husband is happy. We love where we live, we love our house, we are relaxed! Am I happy with what happened? NO. Can I forget it? NOT REALLY. Can I move on? ABSOLUTELY! We are happy and that is what matters and I hope that is what shines through in my blog as I bring back more and more of the things we do and our little special moments. It is a privileged that I can share these times with family and friends and I hope that you feel privileged to share with us!

Hold on to your hats, I’m glad to be back!