Again, it has been awhile. Now that I plan to start sharing more of our precious moments, I hope to join in Friday Fave Five more regularly again. Hop on over to Living to Tell the Story to share your blessing from the past week!

Here Goes:

1. Pure Happiness. I’ve been really trying to live in the moment and enjoy the kids and they seem to be noticing the changes. We’ve spent a lot more time doing things together this week and it’s been a lot of fun.

~Liam in a Moment of Pure Happiness~

2. Food from clients! People like to feed us it seems. We had moose for supper tonight courtesy of one of Mike’s clients.

3. Gravol. Yes, funny to post  after a food favorite but I’ve been dealing with some dizziness this week and I’ve just taken a couple gravol and hope to fall into a deep sleep and wake up refreshed tomorrow.

4. Vintage remedies. Some friend were posting about a facebook party yesterday so I had to check it out. Now I am dtrong considering taken some of their herbalist/natural health courses (later in the future, but sometime none the less.

5. Picnics. Outside. Nearly every day. Nothing better.