It’s time to count our blessings, joys and pleasures from the past week. It is good to look back on the week and give thanks for the moments of happiness that have touched us. Be sure to visit Living to Tell the Story to share your favorite moments from the week as well.

1. Playing outside with the kids. We’ve been tossing frisbee, kicking a ball around and playing catch whenever we get the chance. Enjoying the better weather that has finally arrived.

2. Coffee at Wentworth Perk. Getting out always makes me feel a little more human (or rather, adult like). The kids and I enjoyed some live music at the perk on Monday and while we had been expecting Mike a little earlier and were getting a little worried, we still enjoyed it.

3. Fresh berries. Sure they aren’t local (we’ll have to wait until the end of July/beginning of August for those) but they are still good.

4. Good health. Mike and I were just talking about how healthier I’ve been since moving to Cape Breton. I lived in chronic pain in Montreal and it was really, really hard to get things done. I had to stop doing the doula work that I loved and spent many visits out and about hiding away from the crowd because the movement and noise around me would just hurt too much. Thankfully, while I still have pain days here, they are much farther apart and that is good. I can’t imagine going back to the way things were.

5. Blue skies. After weeks and weeks and weeks of rain it is sooooooo nice to see the sun!