Yes, that is permanent marker….

Yes, I let him……

He was so focused.

There could have been a huge meltdown but if there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that it’s okay to just let go and just let them. If they are safe it is alright to let them explore and try things on their own. A permanent marker can be a huge mess in the wrong hands but Ruadhan was so focused on keeping the marker on the paper, drawing a line, looking up, adding some dots, stopping, looking. To step in and break his concentration in that moment would have been detrimental to him. While we might think using permanent marker is a bad idea, he didn’t know that, and to penalize him would be wrong. So quiet supervision was called for as wee baby had a chance to see what he could do. Three short minutes and the masterpiece was completed, the marker was put away and we proudly displayed his art on the fridge. No meltdowns, no tears, no feelings of having done something wrong.

We’ve learned to watch and listen and be still. There’s no rush for anything. These moments of intense concentration are the moments when our children are the most beautiful. It’s when who that are meant to be shines through. It’s okay for a child to be still, to watch, to listen…..don’t over stimulate, watch, learn from their cues and just be, alongside, your little one as they come into their own.