It’s time to count our blessings, joys and pleasures from the past week. It is good to look back on the week and give thanks for the moments of happiness that have touched us. Be sure to visit Living to Tell the Story to share your favorite moments from the week as well.

1. Strawberries from the garden. They were a long time coming but they are here now and we’ve been enjoying them in the early morning sunshine whenever we can.

Still enough left to be able to enjoy them next week as well.

2. A friend willing to visit the chaos that is my home right now. Maybe not a relaxing visit but it sure was nice to see another adult.

3. The fact that migraines last for 4 hours and not 4 days. I didn’t get this posted last night as a was suddenly hit with a terrible migraine but after 3 hours of misery I was able to semi fall into sleep and woke up feeling as good as new. I’m used to my neuralgia that will give me 3-4 days of severe pain so while I’m not a big fan of the other migraine symptoms I was relieved to only have a migraine and not a flair up.

4. Visiting Louisbourg. It’s always a nice time and the kids were a bit older and enjoyed it more this time. Liam had lots and lots of questions for the variously “characters”. It is easy to tell he is a homeschooled child!

Looking out to sea like soldiers nearly 300 years ago.

5. Free hotdogs, cake (lots of cake), and music at the Bartown Festival. I was happy not to cook, the cake was delicious, and the music was pretty good. It was nice and cool and all the kiddies enjoyed themselves. A good day all around.