I’ve been hoping to regularly feature Cape Breton locations, products and events on my blog. First up is a review on an amazing wet bag from Muffin Bums Custom Diapers. Muffin Bums Custom Cloth Diapers can be found on facebook and are regulars at the Coxheath Arena Flea Market on Sundays (however, a new little one has recently been added to their family so be sure to check out the facebook page before heading out to the arena as their presence there will be more sporadic until they get into a good routine with the little one).

Yes, it’s an old kitty little pail. It’s also begun to  hold on to the odour of wet diapers over the past few month, hence the Sobeys bag stretched over the top. It’s the system that we’ve used with our last three kids but I can honestly say, “It STINKS!”

I’ve been wanting to try a wet bag for quite a while and am happy to say that I just got the chance by reviewing one from Cape Breton company, Muffin Bums Custom Cloth Diapering. I was pleased to  meet the artisan of these bags  at the Coxheath Arena a couple Sunday’s ago. She was very friendly and graciously offered me the cutest little alien wet bag to review.

Isn’t is cute?

I’m very happy to say that this product is easy to use…..just toss the diapers into the bag and then on laundry day open up the bag, dump out the diapers and toss inside-out bag into the wash, too. I was a little bit sketical about frequently washing the wet bag but it holds up really great. One of the best things is the draw sting closure on top really holds in the smells so that one wouldn’t know that there’s a poopy diaper sitting in the beautiful bag in the corner. Because of the interior layer of PUL fabric this bag is waterproof as well so no worries about peepee leaks wetting something they shouldn’t.

Currently, Muffin Bums Custom Cloth Diapers only makes wet bags in a smallish 10 x 18 inch size. I was able to fit 4 covers and 8 inserts (stuffed) into this bag in a pinch but it is basically only good for one days worth of diapers or perhaps one over night trip with an early return home. I was also thinking how a bag this size would be perfect for a trip to the cottage or beach to store everyone’s wet swimwear for the trip home. So these wet bags aren’t only for dirty diapers! The 10 x 18 size currently sells for 8 dollars for the plain fabric or 12 dollars for the fancy customized one which is what is pictured above. I would happily use a wet bag as either my complete dirty diaper storage system or as a liner for my kitty litter pail and when I told this to the owner of Muffin Bottoms she told me that she would be happy to make custom sizes for people and price them accordingly so if you need a different size do not hesitate to ask!

In addition to wet bags Muffin Bums Custom Cloth Diapers also crafts and sells customizable O/S pockets for $20 each, handmade NB size AIOs for $15 each, and commercially produced in China O/S pockets for $10 each.


Makes one wish they had a little bum to cover, don’t they?

I hope that you’ll check out this hard working Mama on facebook and maybe give cloth diapering a chance? You’ll never find a cuter disposable diaper that’s for sure and it’s good for the environment and not at all the same as the cloth diaper from years ago! Cloth diapering can be done, it can be fun, and Muffin Bums Custom Cloth Diapering is here to help!