<——-Right over there is my baby. He is 18 months old. He loves to talk, sing and wave. He plays well with his wooden blocks. He rarely cries. He doesn’t walk, doesn’t put things in his mouth, and doesn’t go looking for trouble BUT today he nearly gave me a heart attack.

We’d just finished lunch and the big kids had headed outside to play. I put wee boy from <——–over there on the floor to play. He was happily driving “trucky” up and down the hallway so I went back into the kitchen to pick up the sandwich fixings and put them back in the fridge. This only takes two minutes (tops) and I walk over to put something in the recycling and notice from the kitchen window that the front door is open. I’ve never run so fast, a quick glace in the living as I passĀ  to get to the front door. The baby isn’t there. My heart is pounding. Out the door, looking first to the road where cars are passing quickly on their way back to work. Freaking out. I look down the walkway and there the little one is….just about to make his way to our driveway. I scoop him up shaking and feeling weak (me, not him) and hold him close. I cannot believe that he’s opened the door and escaped the house in TWO minutes! Chances are that he would have turned his head and seen his brother and sister playing at the other end of the driveway but I shudder at the thought of what could have happened if he’d turned the other way.

So, this is a warning to NEVER, not even for a minute, let your little one out of your sight. It only takes two minutes for something to happen. I never, in a million years thought he’d be able to open the door. I mean, he can’t even walk, but he did (or it’s possible that the children didn’t latch it when they went out and the wind blew it open and the baby seized the opportunity). I know that from now on that both doors will be locked at all times and that if the big kids aren’t inside to play with the baby then the gate will be up keeping him in the kitchen with me while I work. This whole thing took 2 1/2 minutes but was so, so scarey. Please hold on to your little ones and keep them within arms reach at all times no matter how good they are!