I haven’t been very good at keep up with my weekly memes lately. However, I figure it is time for a Friday Fave Five as it has been a while. I hope you will join me at Living to Tell the Story.

1. Joining other like minded men and women for an evening of learning.
I don’t get out often and it was lovely to relax and learn some new techniques for healing. I look forward to the next class in this series.

2. My little one who is now walking and talking like crazy. He is really darling, most of the time, and I love him to bits.

3. The opportunity to visit with the Christian School in town. Liam will not be attending but we think that it would do him good to visit a real school as he has developed a bit of an attitude about homeschooling (well, school in general) and I want him to see that school itself isn’t a horrible thing (his come up with the idea that school is like jail and I want to nip that in the bud). I want him to homeschool because he is enjoying it and learning lots, not because he is afraid of the alternative (I personally loved school….at least the education part of school). He should be visiting in the next week or so and we’ll let you know how it goes.

4. Scouts. Liam loves it and it gets him out doing the things that he enjoys (I haven’t been doing a very good job on the whole exploring and hiking thing these days and he misses it).

5. Our kitty’s ability to heal herself. I was not looking forward to a veterinary bill. We did stop in to speak to the vet but she reassured us that if it was a cyst that was bugging our cat then it would likely heal on its own if it was draining. It looks MUCH better now so I’m very happy.