I have to post some more about my wee little boy.

I managed to catch him speaking on my iPod the other day (usually, he’ll stop what he’s doing to try and play with my camera) so I’ll share that first.


A few days ago we hear the toilet flush and Ruadhán comes out of the room holding his baby doll.

We ask him if he flushed the toilet.

He says, “Nope!” Then he holds out the hand of his baby doll (who I’m sure will get into her own fair share of mischief if this is any indication.


This child always has something totally cute to say and there’s usually a new story every day but I haven’t been in the habit of writing them down so now the ones I wanted to mention have been forgotten but I’m sure that as I get blogging more and more that I’ll have more Ruadhán antics to share!