A couple nights ago, my husband I decided that we were going to take our youngest children to the restaurant while our oldest was at a meeting. This is not something we do frequently so my husband decided that he would treat himself and buy the all you can eat wing special. Well, this special comes with fries, onion rings and garlic fingers. So he’s happily enjoying the meal and decides that he will order another dozen wings (otherwise, it’s not much of a deal). We’re all being good and letting him eat his meal to himself, afterall, it’s HIS all you can eat meal. He decides that he’ll save 4 or 5 onion rings and a handful of fries for our son as he is sure to be a bit disappointed that we went out without him. We go to leave and ask for a doggy bag. Well, the waitress has a fit. There’s no way we can take home the extra fries as Mike has gotten seconds of the wings! I could totally understand not being allowed to order another batch of wings, eating two, and then asking to take the rest home. But seriously, a hand full of fries?

I need to mention here that the restaurant was EMPTY in the hour and a half we were there, there wasn’t a single other customer. My advice? If you don’t have any clientele, don’t go running them off over 20 cents of french fries. We, for one, won’t be back.