It’s time for Friday Favorites with Living to Tell the Story! What are your favorite moments of the past week? Be sure to visit and share so we can be thankful with you.

1. Sunshine coming in my window this morning. There actually feels to be some warmth in it’s intensity and I am very much looking forward to going for a walk as soon as the children are ready.

2. Making new connections on facebook. Okay, so we haven’t really connected, connected but I’ve been introduced to a couple lovely women that I hope to get to know more.

3.  My son’s Cubs’ camp went well. I was a little bit nervous about it but it seems that he had a blast so that is good! He cannot wait ’til he gos he 3 nights in the spring and nearly a week in the summer!

4. Having a little bit of creative energy. Not that I’ve created or written anything but I am feeling more inspired to do so. Maybe because the sun is shining in my window this morning.

5. Inspiration to post some of the things I’ve been wanted to say for a while. Not that I’ve written them yet but I feel them coming and hope that getting some things off my chest will free up my energy to blog the way that I want to again.