(Guess what? We are still sick. I’ll be back to post my goals later today (I hope). Feel free to link up before I’m back with my update……and I’m BACK!)

If you are new here be sure to check out the guidelines and join in. We would love to have you! If you are returning, I hope you had a good week. Thank you for stopping in and sharing with us. Be sure to keep sharing with your friends as we all could use some accountability from time to time! I hope to see some new members this week. Keep spreading the word as we could all use some encouragement and support as we go about achieving our goals. If you have a moment get sure to hop over and see what others are doing.

It’s a good thing that I never got back to post more goals last weeks because by the time the baby was on the mend out oldest boy was getting sick. He has some immune issues so he’s working hard to get rid of this bug (actually all the kids…and Mum….had to work hard at but it’s lingering for sweet Liam). I miss his little active self. The house is too darn quiet.

Here’s my update from last week!

1. Write two articles for Homeschool Horizons so that if we get hit with the crud again I’ll still have something scheduled. Partially Done. I’ve only written one. I have to come up with something else between now and tomorrow.

2. Drink water. DONE!

3. Get the biggest of the cleaning up done. DONE! The house is pretty decent. There’s always stuff to be done but I’m not overwhelmed with catch up jobs this week.

4. Get to the library. DONE! Liam desperately wanted to go so we took him out for his craft day. At that point we thought he was having an allergic reaction. *sigh*

This week’s goals:

1. Get out and enjoy the warmth. We are going to have a few nice days and I desperately need to soak up the sun so if I have to sneak out while people are resting to sit on my deck then I will do that. I hope I’ll be able to convince the kids to join me.

2. Design some kind of blog header. I was waiting for one to come but I don’t think it is. It’s spring. I need to come up with something nice and fresh. Contemplating a new blog…would you follow me? I’m not feeling Mama Manuscripts anymore…….I’m having an identity crisis. *lol*

3. Try not to hound the doctor about our allergy testing (that we finally gone done).

4. Drink water.

5. Cook enough so that all the nutritious food daddy bought doesn’t go to waste.

6. Do something that makes me feel like the kids are learning something. There’s been a whole lot of laying around and I’m beginning to feel my brain go to mush.

7. Research an online, free class of some sort. Again, this has to do with my mushy brain and maybe my identity crisis. I need to find something to do for myself, I think. I’d love suggestions.

What are YOUR plans for the week. Be sure to stop in and let us know!