Today I am joining my friend,  Debbie, for Think Back Thursday. One day I will actually make it to this meme on Thursday but I’m glad that I’m actually getting it done as I meant to last week but somehow time just flew by.

This week’s them is Something or Someone in Motion.

Before we had a good camera. Morgaine was about 2 1/2 and I found her this nightgown for Christmas. She was so thrilled and was spinning and spinning!

Homeschool gym class! Morgaine was a little over three and it was our last fall in our beautiful Vaudreuil home. After a couple years of trying to grow grass from seeds, and ending up with weeds, we laid sod and the kids could final really enjoy the yard without worrying about pricklies. We took full advantage of it until we moved.

Morgaine playing with a sparkler on my birthday. Taken with a slow shutter speed. I love this effect. It is one of my favorite photos and it was a pretty nice birthday, as well.

Playing in the leaves last week. It was a really lovely morning when every felt just about perfect.

Lots of fun looking for photos this week as I actually went back and looked at photos I’d save on Picasa. The kids enjoyed seeing themselves when they were younger and we had a chance to talk about their memories from our old house. Maybe one day I will go back and look at photo albums to scan pictures for even older memories and stories to share!

I hope that you will join us at Think Back Thursday and share some of your photo memories, too!