Welcome to Goal Planning Monday!

If you are new here be sure to check out the guidelines before you join in. We would love to have you! If you are returning, I hope you had a good week. Thank you for stopping in and sharing with us. Be sure to keep sharing with your friends as we all could use some accountability from time to time! I hope to see some new members this week. Keep spreading the word as we could all use some encouragement and support as we go about achieving our goals. If you have a moment get sure to hop over and see what others are doing.

I know that it sucks that I’ve changed locations for this meme/bloghop again. I hope that you will all find me here. If you would be so kind as to point out in your post that Goal Planning Monday is back at it’s original home that would be very much appreciated. Thank so much for sticking with me and I hope that you have a wonderful, productive week.

Last week’s goals:

1. Unpack half of that is left to unpack. DONE! There’s very little left to unpack now. I’m not quite as organized as I thought I was going to be in this house, though.

2. Limit my time on facebook a little. Partially done. I didn’t do as well as I’d hoped because I was a little low on energy¬† and under the weater this week so had more time when I was just sitting around without much to do.

3. Contemplate moving my blog back to self hosted. DONE! I actually did that immediately after posting GPM last week so some of you might not know where to find me today!

4. Try to keep up with my “house a little bit cleaner in the evening than it was in the morning” plan. DONE! It took me until Wednesday to get back caught up to where the house was before the weekend where I let things slide. In the end, my house isn’t a whole lot cleaner now than it was this time last week.

5. Do something special for the kids for Valentine’s Day. DONE! I wrote about it here.

6. Comment on everyone’s post who joins up this week. Not Done. I think I started to and then got distracted.

This week’s goals:

1. Promote Goal Planning Monday being back at it’s old home so people can find it.

2. Visit everyone who linked up last week so that they know to come here from now on.

3. Work on my widgets for the blog. Some of the information on the blog is still the stardard stuff that was on the style sheet and not my own information.

4. Work on an upcoming review. It feels really good to be getting back into it.

5. Write a blog post about computer programming that has been floating around in my head. I’ve been talking about it on facebook a bit.

6. Do some deep cleaning in the house. There are areas that needed a good scrubbing that I didn’t get to because I was busy just getting us set up.

7. Drink water. I’ve been doing a really bad job with that.

8. Be more patient with the kids. I’ve been yelling too much. Part of that is hormonal and I’ve done things to balance that back out as I’m sick of being emotional. Part of it is habit. Opps. I’m not going to get the results I’m looking for through yelling, no matter how frustrating “blah, blah, blahing” out the same information is. There are days when I think I should just put them on the bus so they can not listen to someone else for a while just to give me a break. I’m sure I’m not the only who’s been there!

9. Work on a grocery list for the next month. Mike is probably coming a week earlier than planned to see us as he is expecting a rush of calls after a new ad he put out. I don’t know if he is leaving the van this time or not and if not, he will probably be gone for the long haul and I will need to be prepared. I need to have more healthy snacking foods as I tend to eat small meals and the kids have NOT been good at leaving me leftovers. I’m shocked at home much Liam can eat now so I need to take that into account more when cooking and preparing. We have more than enough meats (because the kids will happily eat beans/legumes here that they wouldn’t normally touch). I have a much better idea of what we eat and need so I can prepare well whether or not we keep the van.

That’s about it for the week. I hope that you will drop in and let us know what your goals for the week are as we could all use a little accountability.