I’ve spent the better part of the last couple weeks searching high and low for the perfect theme for my blog. No, not a writing theme, an appearance. Yes, I was worried about what people would think of how my blog looks. I tried some really fancy looking backgrounds. Then I tried some themes with cool options. Then I tried ones that worked well on the mobile devices and tablets. I searched high and I searched low and settled of something pretty simple that I was happy with. Ah, but I showed my husband when he arrived and he said it was boring and people wanted to come to a blog that stood out as special.

So, I searched high and I searched low for that theme that was both interesting and special. I tried a whopping 67 themes over the course of the week and some were nice and some were horrible. Some had fancy doohickeys and some were too complicated to even figure out. I threw my hands up in the air a number of times and said, “Forget about it. My blog sucks.”

Then I sat down tonight and thought – I really like simplicity. So what if my blog isn’t fancy? People are supposed to be here to read – not be amazed at my creative skills. So here you have it, my perfectly simple blog…..

…….and I love it!