Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 2.50.33 PMI’ve been gardening for a few years, but my attempts at starting my garden from seeds has only been moderately successful. We did not have rooms with a lot of light. The house was a bit drafty. We had cats that liked to nibble on the young greens. Yes, not perfect growing conditions by far. We recently moved into a new house with a lot more room. I actually have a whole granny suite that is empty, bright, warm and can be closed off from the rest of the house, keeping cats and “helpful” toddlers away. I was so thrilled that I went out and bought all my seed growing supplies early so I would be all set.

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 8.43.20 AMI also jumped on the opportunity to review Seed Starting – The First Step to Gardening, a Kindle e-book by Gary Emmett. I started it knowing that I had a fair bit of knowledge about starting seeds – just horrible conditions to do so. I loved that this book was written in easy to understand language and broken down into appropriate sections that bring you right from the beginning of the process to transplanting your seedling outside. Topics include planning your garden, providing the right soil and amount of light and so much more. Because of the organization and easy to comprehend language, I am planning to have my 10 year old read this book and take charge of some of the seeds on his own. I think it will be a good spring homeschooling project for him.

While most of the information was not new to me, I did learn some very important information that will be sure to benefit my seedlings. I was sure that my bright and sunlit granny suite would provide adequate light for my plants, but I had no idea how much light young plants really needed. My poor little seedling – despite my best effort – probably would have been weak and straggly without having read this book. I cannot wait to see the difference between this years results and previous years. The garden is what I’ve been looking forward to most in our country home so I cannot wait for the snow to melt to get at it! With the knowledge provided in this book, I know that by early April I’ll be able to plant my tomato and pepper seeds with the squashes to follow about a month later. I’m sooooooo excited!

If you are new to starting a garden from scratch then I highly suggest that you check out this e-book which is currently selling on for 2.95$US. I love it’s step by step instructions and think that anyone would be able to use this book to start growing a successful garden from seeds.  Please check back to see what other Mosaic Review team members thought of this book. as well.

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