Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 11.40.41 AMMy friend over at Heidi’s Head has been sharing three random facts about herself over at her blog on Thursdays. She’s actually made it into a linky/meme where you can hop on over at share three facts about yourself at all. Since I’ve already shared some facts about myself on facebook this week for my friends there, I thought it would be fun to share some (and some new ones) over here for those of you that might not be friends with me on Facebook.

So here goes:

1. I used to tell people that I was going to be a professional student when I grew up. Since high school I have taken 1 1/2 years of a 3 year RN degree and 1 year of fine arts in CEGEP. I’ve worked on a double major from Athabasca University in Psychology (with a focus on developmental psychology) and women’s studies for a number of years until it got too expensive to continue. I’ve gotten my natural health consultant certificate from the Alternative Medicine College of Canada (though I think it is bogus and I would never use the certification for anything…but I love herbs and alternative medicine). I am a certified doula from Holistic Perinatal Associates. I’ve dabbled in midwifery with Midwife to Be and occasionally long to move to an area when I can actually future these studies. Right now I love to take random classes on Coursera and I am trying to master all topics on Khan Academy’s math program. I’d say that I am a lifelong student. There are days when I wish I’d just stuck to nursing, though!

2. If I made a post for every picture I take meaning to make a blog post about, I’d likely have content for pretty much every day of the year. I come up with a lot of ideas, make a lot of yummy food, have endless cute kids stories, and sometimes want to blog about more serious topics, but I very rarely actually blog anymore. I wish that I had the motivation to blog more, but am beginning to feel that it has all been done before. I’ve been blogging since before everyone one else was, too *lol*.

3. I used to really like winter and played outside a ton in the snow when I was little. I loved every moment of it and even enjoyed shovelling all. I couldn’t wait for the first snow. We haven’t had any snow stick yet this year, but I do think that I might be getting old, though, because this is the first year that I am thinking that a vacation to Florida would be good. On that note, I really, really hate the heat, so a vacation to Florida would likely make me miserable, though it sounds good in theory!

I hope that you’ll hop on over to Heidi’s Head and share some interesting facts about yourself.