Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 7.26.19 PMThis may seem like an odd title for a post, considering that we’ve been in New Brunswick for almost a year.

To be honest there was always a little part of me that hoped and prayed that a solution to our problems in Sydney Mines would be found. That one beautiful, sunny morning the kids and I would pack up and return our little east coast home near the ocean. We’d take up where we left off and everything would be okay. We walk on the same beaches. Take the same paths. Smile at the same people. Life would go on just the same. We’d be home.

So, I didn’t contact the Department of Education.

I  didn’t switch over our Medicare to New Brunswick.

I held a valid Nova Scotia driver’s lisence.

As long as we had two houses, I figured that I could just pretend that we were temporary visitors to New Brunswich and that would one day we would go home. That changed when we were notified a couple weeks ago that at least one window was cleanly broken out of our NS home. I spent  a good 45 minutes on the phone with a police officier rehashed the whole story (he with our ever growing file in front of him). We mused over how there wasn’t really anything to be done and how it really was terrible for us to be going through such silliness (of, you know, uprooting a life, a family, and a thriving business) while the offender(s) walked free. I knew then, that there just was never going to be justice. No matter how much the officers spoke of wanted to do something, they never, ever would. That good people get screwed over all the time. That is just the way things are sometimes.

So I contacted the Department of Education. The children’s end of year reports have been sent in with a note telling then that from now on the children will be homeschooling in New Brunswick. The children will become official registered homeschoolers in New Brunswick in a matter of days. There are New Brunswick  medical cards on the way. I’ll look into getting that New Brunswick license.

For a short moment in time, I got to live on a little peace of heaven on earth. You’ll always be home to me, sweet Cape Breton.