Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 11.40.41 AMIt was fun to share three things about myself with you last Thursday so I am back for more this week. If you would like to share three things about yourself with your readers I invite you to visit Heidi’s Head where you can link up with others that are sharing with their friends as well. It’s always fun to get to know old and new friends better!

Here goes for this week:

1. I grew up in a small Francophone town on the North Shore of Quebec. I was one of the only truly anglophone students at our little English school. At any given time there were only about 25-30 students from pre K – grade 9. This experienced influenced my decision to homeschool, becuase I couldn’t imagine sending my kids to a school where the class sizes were as big as my whole school growing up. I wanted my children to have more of the one on one experience I had growing up. I am going back to visit for the first time in five and a half years and I hope to visit my little school while I am there.

2. I have very, very low self esteem/self worth. This can be incapacitating at times. When I was young I was petrified of tests or public speaking because I got my worth through how well I preformed as a student. I was terrified of messing up. This still effects me today, but to a lesser degree (though I go through phases of depression where I cannot do anything right whatsoever). It takes me a very long time to feel comfortable with people and I have a hard time looking people in the eyes. Once I am able to open up most people seem to enjoy my company. I’m just glad that I’ve gotten to the point that I am able to order my own meals when we go out to eat. For years, I had Mike choose my meals for me because I was afraid to choose the “wrong” thing. I’m working more and more on trying to figure out who I am as my own person instead of trying to be whatever I think people expect of me. It isn’t always easy and there are times when I really struggle with my moods and emotions so I am thankful for those people that stand by me though those times.

3. I am the youngest in a family of 6. When I was born it was probably a little like started over again for my parents as they only had one other child at home at the time and he was already a teenager. Most kids didn’t believe that I was from a large family because they never really saw my siblings. I actually grew up with my nephew feeling more like a sibling that my brothers and sisters were. We were definitely closer in age and spent a lot of time together as kids. I even lived with my nephew for several months after my Mom died (and even after I moved in with my father, my sister’s house was a second home). I’m probably not as close to most of my siblings as I could be because ¬†of the age difference and distance between us growing up. It was interesting to get to spend more time with them when I moved closer to their area for college. I miss being able to drop in for a weekend visit now that we have moved far away again.

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