I’m super de dooper excited to announce that six people linked up to this Meme last week! YAHOO! I hope that it is encouraging you all to reach your weekly goals.

I’m also proud to say that I did very well with my goals this week as well. My bedroom is officially ALL painted (after about 8 months of being in various stages of done), I drank over 8 liters of water this week, I blogged every day except Wednesday so nearly reached that goal, the buttons and guidelines should be working (THEY AREN’T) for Goal Planning Monday (you can get them here) and I should, if I can stay awake long enough be able to finish 2 Samuel tonight (I’m posting on Sunday evening in case there are any early bird posters out there!)

I love how Suzanne over at Fruitful Words broke down her goals into parts so I think I will give that a try for a couple of my goals this week.

1. Continue to get less calories from liquids.
My weight is continuing to rise and while I don’t normally care much about these things I know it is because I am getting way too many calories from unhealthy drinks that I could be getting elsewhere. This week I need to

  • Continue drinking lots of water
  • Limit my other drinks to vegetable juice and herbal teas (which maybe a coffee or two thrown in on those harder days)

2. Finish Raudhan’s sweater. Should do it while it is still winter, eh?

  • knit both sleeves while traveling to and from Sydney this week.
  • sew it together and add the collar over the weekend.

3. Read 1 Kings, 2 Kings. I’ll admit that I’m slowing down in my reading of the Bible. I’ve found myself a few times wishing I could just stop to read something else for a while and as a result I’m not giving as much thought and reflection to what I actually am reading and really, that is no better than not reading it at all. I’ll slow down and do some other reading as well this week and see how that goes.

4. Exercise. Yep, last week I said it wasn’t going to happen but it really needs to. I feel better when I move so rain or shine (or snow) I need to get out walking three times this week. Maybe I’ll shovel or something or leave the kids with their dad and take an evening sprint or something. Moving does a body good though and I really should do more of it.

5. Work on super secret project. It’s terrifying but I have to try something new in the next week or two and I figure I should get a head start on it as I really don’t have a clue what I am doing so I may need several weeks to be successful. I cannot tell you what it is right now as it is TOP SECRET but if it works out I will be really proud and share with you eventually, I promise!

What are your goals for the week?