Well, it’s been something like 14 hours since I announced that I was logging off of facebook for lent. When I first started using facebook about three years ago I was one of those people that update their status every couple of hours. Well, I weaned off of that and now only post an update every day or two, however, all day today I’ve been thinking of the day as a series of status updates. I promise I won’t do this everyday (or probably ever again) but here’s today in statuses!

Katrina thinks 6 am is way too early to be waking up…..at least the baby is happy.

Katrina is putting the baby down for a nap at 8:30.

Katrina wishes Morgaine would do quality work in her workbooks….I know she can do it….so frustrating.

Katrina is thrilled that Morgaine made the “100% Club” in spelling….only wishes that school work wasn’t motivated by computer programs.

Katrina thinks 21st century babies learn to beep before they learn to talk.

Katrina is having a blast doing high school geometry with Liam…..he’s some kind of genius. *lol*

Katrina scorched a whole pot of beans…..any supper ideas?

Katrina really enjoyed the once a year treat of Subways.

Katrina thinks Netflix needs to come with a random movie/tv show button.

Katrina is going to watch a show with her man…before the baby wakes up.


Yes, way back in the day I would have posted ALL THAT in one day! I was something like addicted….are you?