It’s time for Friday Fave Five again. Please be sure to hop over to Living to Tell the Story to share your blessings and joys from the week.

1. Reading aloud to the kids in the in middle of the day. We used to read aloud a lot when we were using Sonlight (before wee baby) but we’d kind of given up on it and instead read mostly at night. Unfortunately, wee boy us usually exhausted at the children’s bedtime so reading had become more of a shout over the whining baby experience than something enjoyable. Early this week, I decided that we need to start reading in the day and it has been a lot of fun. We are currently reading Ida Early Comes Over the Mountain. What a character she is!

2. Being the type of Mum who serves her kids homemade cookies and milk on a blustery spring (?) morning. It makes me feel like a decent housewife and the kid’s (and Daddy) love it. Recipe will follow soon for my very own spicy ginger cookies. I’ve been working on it all week (so, yes, we’ve had LOTS of cookies).

3. Sewing.
It’s not my forté but there’s something quite soothing about it.

4. The fact that my hubby is in the kitchen whipping up bread pudding right this minute.
He’s been craving it and I have to say that the particular recipe that he chose sounds yummy. Yes, as always, I am blessed to have a hubby that likes to cook from time to time. You have to love Daderday!

5. Seeds, dirt and a wee mini greenhouse.
I hope to get my garden started. I love making things grow so I hope to have lots of success this year. I haven’t done so well with starting from seeds in the past but there’s always hope and I’m looking forward to trying again. My goal is to be able to eventually grow everything from seeds I’ve saved from previous years. We’re also looking at hydroponics and aeroponics so that will be a learning experience for us as well and maybe we’ll be able to grow some things year round.