We don’t really have a clue what we are doing, but we’ve decided to give hydroponic gardening a go. The thought of fresh from the garden lettuce and spinach, year round, was just too tempting. I plan on documenting our journey so that firstly, we can learn from the experience and second, hopefully you can learn something, too.

This week’s topic is seed germination. We decided to go the paper towel route. Basically we sprayed down some non-bleached paper towels with water and laid down our seeds (spinach and lettuce) and folder the paper towel back over the seeds. We wrapped the towels in paper to keep the humidity inside and three days later we took a peak to find this….

Spinach (Day 3)

As the the plants sprouted and their heads came out of the seeds we folded our paper towel into quarters lengthwise and lined up our little plant with the roots in the paper towel and the little head out. We then rolled the towel up jelly roll style and placed it in a little container of nutrient rich solution (we are currently going the commercial plant food root…next year, if we get good, maybe we’ll figure out the organic method).

Day 3 (lettuce from seed)

1 week (lettuce)

10 days (lettuce)

Our largest plants are about to find their way into the hydroponic system that we are setting up using yogurt containers, a rubbermaid storage box, an air pump and an oxygen stone. I will post more about our set up in the next week or so. Our little seedlings have already started a good root system so now it is time to move on and see if we can get our wee ones to grow.

Make us proud, little ones…..make us proud!