I’ve been around the blogging world for a while now. I was blogging before everyone and their dog seemed to have a blog. I had a few blogging friends who also had little blogs. Several of these blogging friends now have beyond beautiful blogs and a huge following. Some have even written their own books (and I can say I knew them way back when). Over the years, blogging has changed. It has become a business. People work to get huge followings so they can review products, collaborate on projects, and even sell their own items. I got caught up in this for a while myself. But to get followers you needed to post DAILY, and be interesting, and with Pinterest have good photos, and, and, and…but I wanted to be someone out there in the blogging world.

However, in trying to be someone, I kind of lost the whole reason I started blogging to begin with. I’m reviving Mama Manuscripts, which was born over 6 years ago now, and using it to share my real life and how I see things. I don’t want to get the most reviews, though you certainly will see some as I have been accepted to review for Mosaic Reviews. I don’t want to post the best pictures or brag about all the wonderful things my children are doing, though I’m sure I’ll do that to. My goal is to share what I want, when I want to, and not to worry about what other people are going to think about it!

…..and I’m so looking forward to it!

How’s that for a disclaimer?

If you just want to know you I am, well….My name is Katrina and I am the homeschooling mother of three children ages 2 – 10. We live in a pretty little house in the middle of nowhere Atlantic Canada. We spend our days just living our lives and learning as it comes naturally. There’s a lot of play, a fair bit of electronics, cooking, colours, paints, and reading, reading, reading…… ALWAYS reading. We’re a little crunchy and little not and pick and choose what we like out of most things and make them our own. I post mostly about homeschooling, but throw in the occasional post about the wonderful things that we start (and rarely finish). I like food and occasionally post about we happen to be eating. I have a pantry now, I may throw in some recipes a la Chef at Home (as he’s my biggest food inspiration and I’ve been dreaming about all I could do it I had a well stocked pantry since I started watching his show many moons ago). I run a weekly meme/bloghop on Mondays for people that are inspired to set goals for the week. I’d love to add some creative writing to this site as Mama Manuscripts was original born out of my desire to actually write, not document our lives. We will see where I feel called to go with that as time moves on….

If there is anything else you want to know, feel free to ask!